Odysseus Character Traits

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Jacob Patel
Mr. Tyler
Honors English I
21 April 2016
The Odyssey Essay Odysseus- a hero from the Trojan War, valiant and strong- seemed invisible in his time. Yet eventually, even heroes like Odysseus fall, and ever after their passing they are still revered. In ancient Greek culture, heroes were admired for their strengths as well as their significances. Due to the fact that ancient Greek heroes are not all divine, they still had faults. Homer, the composer of epic poems such as The Odyssey utilizes the thoughts and feelings of characters to give meaning to their behavior. In the Odyssey, Homer uses both helpful and hurtful traits as well as values, to explain how Odysseus is aided and impeded in the story. Odysseus displayed and volunteered his personal values, and the effect they have on his
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By using his wit in the situation and being honest, Odysseus impresses Calypso and he is treated very hospitably as a result. Odysseus expertly uses his wit when applicable, and gains an important ally out of Calypso with his fast thinking. He may have many traits, but Odysseus is still human, so his character is also compromised of negative traits as well. In the story, the trait that hurts him most is his vanity. Odysseus demonstrates this vanity many times throughout the story. One occasion being when he is sailing away from the Cyclops’ island “tell him that the man who gouged you was Odysseus, ravager of cities: one who lives in Ithaca-Laertes’ son” (4.498-525). Odysseus didn’t even have to say anything to the Cyclops as they were rowing off. Though his ego got the best of him and he caused many other future problems for himself, and his men because of his actions. Through his helpful and hurtful traits, Odysseus is vastly set apart from others as far as decision making. Through a combination of positive and negative traits, Odysseus is aided and impeded, and his fate in