Odysseus Heroism

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“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” - Christopher Reeve There are many traits to being a hero, and everyone has their own different perspective on the meaning of heroism. Depending on where one stands on what is considered to be a hero, Odysseus can either be considered the most heroic of all or a monstrous man. Odysseus shows many traits that would consider him to be a hero. Reasons why Odysseus can be considered a hero are that he is loyal, compassionate, along with cunning. Odysseus is loyal to his men in more than one way, as shown in the Ninth year of Odysseus being away from home he and his men ran into a sorceress named Circe. Upon meeting Circe she rudely turned Odysseus’s men into pigs after they were being impolite and greedy, after Circe did such a thing Odysseus began to argue with her in the hopes that she would change …show more content…
There are many ways that Odysseus is self-centered, such as not taking advice that people have offered to him. He refused to take the advice from his crew member, Eurylochus, which was to not send men to scope out Circe’s island and since Odysseus didn’t listen and sent his crew to the island anyways his men ended up being turned into pigs. Odysseus lacks the part of the hero profile which includes having a good heart. Odysseus kills people without giving them a chance, such as the suitors. Odysseus killed everyone of the suitors without giving them a chance of survival. Most of the suitors didn't even commit a crime harmful enough for a death penalty. He also killed all the maids who were raped by the suitors as if they didn't even matter. Odysseus does not deserve to be called a