Odysseus Leadership Qualities In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus’ Leadership Qualities Homer recites the journey of Odysseus attempting to return home, to Ithaca, after being in Troy in an epic named the The Odyssey. Greek gods are extremely impactful in the voyage of his crew and himself. Without challenges, leadership skills are not able to be identified as clearly. Not all the gods cause challenges for Odysseus to encounter yet some do. Athena, god of wisdom, is a mentor for Odysseus throughout the challenges the other gods put him in. For example, Polyphemus, a Cyclops, tests the leader’s abilities by confining the crew in his cave. Subsequently, as Odysseus completes that task another God with the name of Poseidon effects his sea travel. The dad of Polyphemus is revealed to be Poseidon, god of sea, …show more content…
Challenges are failed or conquered, but show true character. Characteristics brought to light due to the hardships that Odysseus faces include persistence and strategy. He uses his wits to solve problems that he never gives up on. On the other hand challenges can bring out the worst in people. Little bits of egotistical and violent mindsets are also revealed through Odysseus’ journey. Nothing is perfect, but instead takes the description of the quality with a greater quantity of impact. In the case of Odysseus, his leadership heavily sways to one descriptive side. Odysseus’ guidance and control during his journey proves him to be a GOOD leader.
Strategic and persistent describe Odysseus’ good leadership. A main situation that Odysseus goes through that clearly exhibits his strategic mind is when he is in Polyphemus’ cave. His sailors and himself want to escape the cave without being consumed alive, as the Cyclops threatens. However, he knows Poseidon is the Cyclops' father. Odysseus does not want to make Polyphemus mad in turn angering Poseidon and making their voyage