Odysseus: The Heroic Hero Of Homer's The Odyssey

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Homer’s The Odyssey follows the titular king of Ithaca, Odysseus. In the epic poem, Odysseus is returning home from fighting in the Trojan war. While on this journey home, Odysseus begins to show his true nature. Not to convinced by these so-called “heroics”. Homer’s “hero” Odysseus is nothing of the sort: he is an incompetent leader, prideful, unwise, and is not a hero.
For a man with the title, “king of Ithaca” His leadership is not on par with that of someone held to such high esteem. In the end, he only succeeds in getting his subordinates killed. Specifically, when Odysseus sails with his men off Calypso’s island to Ismarus: home to the Cicones. allies to the Trojan, enemies of Odysseus. Being natural enemies, Odysseus and his men invade