Odyssey Essay-Telemakhos's Growth Thoroughout the Novel

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Prompt: “I’m a Big Boy Now”
Thesis Statement: Telemakhos displays his newfound maturity and defends the honor of his family through rousing the Ithacan assembly and accusing the suitors of destroying his household.
Telemakhos clearly accuses the suitors of taking advantage of his home and hospitality when he challenges their sense of honor, and questions their devotion to Greek morals. Telemakhos calls forth the Ithacans to assemble so he can state his grievances against the arrogant suitors; this is the first time a meeting has been held in the assembly since Odysseus left for Troy. In this act alone, the maturity of Telemakhos is evident because he uses the power of his royal authority and summons the people, an act only his father would have done. Telemakhos shrewdly plays on the sympathy of his audience as he lists “the troubles of [his] house” stating, “My house is being plundered: is this courtesy? Where is your indignation? Where is your shame?” (2.68-70). In these lines Telemakhos shows his understanding that as prince, the people owe him their reverence and are honor bound to help drive the ravenous suitors away. This is a concept that he would never have understood if he were still a naïve child. Telemakhos furthers his argument by exposing the almost wolf like greed of the suitors, a characteristic that is greatly detested by the Achaeans. He shames the suitors as if they were disobedient children when he exclaims, “these men spend their days around our house