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Hero Traits | God vs MortalBook 1 | Telemachus wanting to find his dad and then going out to find him (book 2) | Taking on the sea to go fight in a war to get a brothers girl(book 2) | Giving a speech in front of peopleBook 3 | Greek Culture | Letting Telemachus stay at the palace 1st stop (book 3) | Letting Telemachus stay in Sparta(book 4) | Giving a speech when you arrive somewhere(book 3) | | Greek Mythology | Poseidon | Zeus | Athena | Mt.Olympus | Cause and Effect | Odysseus Pokes out eye waits 10 years to return home(book 1) | Telemachus goes looking for father, learns of assassination plot.(book 4) | Suitors want to marry off to Penelope(book 2) | |

Hero Traits | 1. God versus Mortal trait. When a mortal goes against a god it gives the character heroic traits. In this case Poseidon (an immortal) delays Odysseus’s (a mortal) trip home. “Heartsick on the open sea fighting to save his life and bring his comrades home”(77) 2. Telemachus wants to find his dad, he takes on heroic traits by going out to find rumors of him. “Cables cast off, the crew swung to the oar locks.”(106) 3. When Odysseus went to fight in the Trojan War he crossed the sea just to get back a woman, which in some eyes could be taken as heroic. “Did he bring some news of your father, his return?”(90) 4. When people of royalty arrive somewhere they have to usually give a speech, when Telemachus arrives he gives a speech in front of people more powerful than him, heroic. “_____________” | Greek Culture | 1. In Greece