Odyssey: Odysseus and Hero Maps Essay

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Call to Adventure: Call to Adventure is when the hero is called to an adventure by an external event or messenger. The hero may accept the call willingly or reluctantly. In the Odyssey call to adventure began with the Trojan War. When the Trojans attack the Greeks, Odysseus must travel to Troy to lead the armies in battle.
Refusal of the Call: When the hero hears to the call to adventure, the may hesitate, reluctant to leave the comfort and tasks of their everyday existence. Generally the hero may do this because they’re afraid of what might happen to them, do not see the call as important, or are more engrossed in their current activity. The hero may have responsibilities and do not want to leave their family. For example, in the Odyssey Odysseus could have refused the call because his first Telemachus had just been born. It is a fatherly instinct that could have prompt him to stay.
Supernatural Aid: Help is given to the hero to make them wiser and stronger, and benefit them to face obstacles of the adventure better. The aid may give the hero maps, information, and/or weapons. In the Odyssey Athena was Odysseus’ strongest supporter. She convinced the other gods to help him escape from the Calypso’s island to freedom. The gods also helped the Greeks during the Trojan War.
Crossing the Threshold: Upon reaching the threshold of adventure the hero must undergo some sort of ordeal in order to pass from the everyday world into the world of adventure. This trial may be as