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The Beast

They swung aboard at once, they sat to the oars in ranks and in rhythm churned the water white with stoke on stroke. Our supplies were running low and if we didn’t find land soon we would surely meet our demise. My men and I prayed to Poseidon that he would keep the water calm but this had no effect. We sailed for three days until we reached the island of Gigantes. No man has ever landed on this mysterious island but we had no choice in the matter. It was unknown what inhabited the island, 10 but we were prepared to defend ourselves from any monstrous creature. I decided I would search the island with one of my men before sending my crew blindly into the island. “Alexios, you and I will search the island and see what creatures inhabit it.
The rest of you stay put, my friends-in-arms.”
Alexios with his broad shoulder s led the way into the treacherous jungle. Inside the jungle was the most incredible sight 20 I had ever bestowed my eyes upon. Food as far as the eye could see streams of fresh crystal clear water and animals of all sorts. There was something peculiar about this island, everything was doubled in size. Grapes the size of apples, apples the size of watermelons, it was a sight for sore eyes. The greatest part of it all was there were pigs and sheep the size of cows. “Alexios, why has no man ever come to this island?” I asked. 30
“Maybe no one knew the island existed.”
That explanation was good enough for both of us, partially because the only thing on our mind was the paradise around us. Then like a lion hunting a gazelle these two kings of the jungle tracked down the massive pig. Their incredible speed was no match for the sad eyed gazelle. As they got closer to their prey, they grew a thirst for blood. 40 In one quick motion the lions struck the gazelle to the ground and took it back to their den to feast on it. The two men then returned to the ship to bring the good news of the island and the feast on the pig. When they returned, they found the other men shouting frantically.
“My friends-in-arms, what is causing you to act so panicked?” I said.
“Odysseus, raider of cities there 50 is a horrible creature on this island!” Eurylochus exclaimed. “Men, this is a peaceful island, there are no monstrous creatures here.” I replied. “
We thought the same thing sir, but this creature was so massive, it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It looked almost like a giant centaur. It wasn’t a centaur though,it was different. The creature had two heads with red bloodshot eyes bulging out. 60 Its body was had veins pulsating through its skin, it was so muscular it was almost godlike. Its legs were the size of tree branches and its feet were the size of boulders. Each step he took shook the ground. It was almost as we had upset the mighty god Poseidon earth-shaker. He had a repulsive odor that smelled like rotten eggs. It was the most horrid thing I had ever laid my eyes on.” Eurylochus said.