Odyssey part2 Essay

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who brings Odysseus back to Ithaca
who does Odysseus first talk to when he gets back to Ithaca he talks to Telamachus. Athena comes and changes his appearance and he thinks he is a god because gods can change their appearances who does Odysseus see when he arrives at Ithaca and what does she say
Athena, tells him about who is in his house and who wants to kill Telamachus. tells him to tell his son about his plan to kill the suitors turns him into a beggar how do telamachus and Odysseus react to each other
Telamachus thinks it isn't him because his appearance changed but then he finds out it is him and he is extremely happy. Odysseus is happy to see his son how does telamachus react when Odysseus tells him his plan to fight the suitors and how does he justify it he thinks its impossible for 2 men to battle all those men. Odysseus says they have Zeus and Athena on their side what is Odysseus's plan he is to go to the party and midgle and take all of the weapons except for a few for them so they cant defend themselves. Odysseus is to come dressed as a beggar who does Odysseus see Argus with and what is Argus like he sees him when hes with Eumaeus and Argus is lying in pile of poop what happened to Argus while Odysseus was away he was owned by a hunter who died so he became neglected why does Argus die he waited till his owner returned how many suitors are there
who is fighting on Odysseus side
Zeus Athena Odysseus telamachus and Eumaeus leader of the suitors
what happens between Antinous and Odysseus when he enters the home. how does Odysseus reply
Antinous is making fun of him for being poor, Odysseus walks away and antinous throws a chair at him. stands and turns to the party and indirectly admits he is Odysseus and they all will die what does someone in the crowd say after the throwing of the chair it might have been a bad idea what if he is actually a god where is Penelope watching from above how does Odysseus go to Penelope she asks Eumaeus to bring him to her what does Penelope ask Odysseus and how does he respond asks where he is from and indirectly describes Ithaca. asks about his heritage he says not to ask about it how does Penelope feel about the suitors does not like them but has to entertain them because of Greek hospitality how has she been keeping the suitors away and why must she marry them now she had been sewing a shroud for her dead father and said that when its done she can marry and every night she unseen it but now she got caught so she has to marry what does Odysseus tell Penelope while