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Odyssey Project In the epic, The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus is harmed and helped by the gods. Mortals and gods interact and affect each other’s lives. Aeolus and Athena are gods/goddesses that try to help Odysseus on his journey. The main god who wants to harm him is Poseidon, and Zeus is a god that both harms and helps him. Poseidon, the God of the sea, has a grudge against Odysseus because of the blinding of his son, Polyphemus. Polypehemus asks his father to cast a curse on Odysseus, “Should destiny intend that he shall see his roof again among his family in his father land, far be that day, and dark the years between. Let him lose all companions, and return under strange sail to bitter days at home.” Poseidon hears and tries his best to fulfill his sons wish. Posedion’s bitterness causes him to generate a storm which eventually wrecks Odysseus' ship. Poseidon does whatever he can to keep Odysseus from reaching home, Ithaca. He keeps Odysseus from Ithaca for about twenty years. Athena is the god that helps Odysseus the most in his journey. She is known as “the hope of soldiers” because she is the goddess of war and wisdom. She first gives Odysseus the courage to stab the pointed olive tree in the Cyclops eye. She later uses her powers to disguise Odysseus as an elderly beggar so that he can spy on his wife's suitors and evaluate the character of each man he comes across. Athena also helps Odysseus and the other three men that help him, to defeat the 118 suitors. After they’ve won the battler, Athena then makes Odysseus and his wife, Penelope younger and healthier. Zeus