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Ashton Begin
Odyssey Song Dedication I choose the song “Battle Scars” by Guy Sebastian to dedicate how Odysseus through the whole story is trying to get back home. Odysseus left his wife Penelope and his son Telemacus the day his son was born to go fight in the Trojan War. After the Trojan War on his way to try to get home but curse was put on him from the Greek god Poseidon. The curse was for him not to get home for another 10 years. Seeing how he has already been gone for ten years everyone in his home of Ithaca thought he was dead. As a result of this 100 suitors have been trying to marry Penelope for many years and none of them think or want him to return. The only two who still have faith in him were his son and wife. I feel this song is perfect for the way that the suitors feel about Odysseus trying to get home. Odysseus is trying to get home to his wife and child that have been without a man in their life for 20 years. All the suitors are trying to marry Penelope for the royal spot and all the wealth that goes along with it. And “he’s the only one that’s trying to keep them together” because all the suitors want him gone so they can take the royal spot. Also “also the signs saying I should forget her” works also because Odysseus gets trapped on calypsos island and she won’t let him leave. So this is a sign saying it might be time to let her go. Until “the good outweighs the bad” when the messenger god Hermes comes and saves him. After this he will