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The proper balance between the common good and the interest of an individual is a delicate one. Humans tend to allow common good to trump the individual interest when those interests interfere with what one believes is right for society. In a free society however, common good should be impose upon the individuals interest only to the extent where citizens allow it, without feeling that the restrictions and laws imposed are unreasonable upon their lives. In the Greek tragedy Oedipus the Tyrant, Oedipus realizes that the answer to his quest, of finding out who the murder of the last king of Thebes is and expelling the polluting presence either by execution or exile, may end up in his own demise but he continues either way because he feels that as a King it is his duty to resolve the curse enacted upon the people of Thebes and punish whoever committed the crime. Such compassion and selflessness for his people is not a usual characteristic of mankind, therefore a balance between ones interest and common good must be found in a society.
In the play Oedipus is classified as a tyrant who rules outside of conventional order; at first he is concerned with himself but through hardships he learns to care about the people at heart. When the play opens, the hardships that Thebes is experiencing are explained, Oedipus being the great ruler he is, is swift upon deciding what he must do, solve the mystery of the kings death and exile the murderer. Oedipus begins his quest to solving this mystery with the help of his brother in law Creon; at first we see Oedipus great effort in looking for the murderer, he fails to realize how close he is to knowing who committed the crime. The plot develops often refers to his upbringing throughout the play and mentions how he has earned his privileges through his merits. Noting has been handed down to him. Because of his nobility the Corinthians and Thebans admire him as a their hero. Oedipus does not realize Laius is his father because he believes Polybus is his true father. -As the play evolves, Oedipus finds that Polybus has died, he feels relieved because the burden of his fate is over since his father has died. On the contrary his troubles are just beginning when the prophet Teiresias reveals, that he is the land’s pollution. He explains to Oedipus that Polybus is not his real father. Oedipus’ predetermined fate and growing pride, both stem from his noble birth, unfortunately led to his demise as a ruler and his eventual banishment from Thebes. -Oedipus was so wise that he was able to solve the riddle of the Sphinx and people proclaimed him king. He used his knowledge and did not expect