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Valeria Labudovic
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27 April 2015

There are many historical events that can be accounted for the “loss” and the
“rediscovery” of Greek Literature. One major event in history that induced the loss of Greek literature was when the Library of Alexandria was annihilated. Also, instead of Greek, Latin soon became the prime language in Europe and even Christianity. On the other hand, Greek literature was rediscovered thanks to Arab kingdoms. The Renaissance led up to the rediscovery of Greek literature in the west as well. In addition, the wrecking of the Library of Alexandria is the main reason as to why Greek literature was forgotten or even lost completely. This library held all the history and stories of
Greece and everything to do with it. The library of Alexandria was the heart of Greek literature, and so when it was destroyed, the literature of Greece slowly began to diminish as well. It was destroyed because that library held all the findings of Greek literature and its culture. This may have acted as a risk, which made the Romans feel it was necessary to abolish everything.
Another reason greek literature was lost is because Latin became the main language instead.
Latin was a great cultural influence and gave Greek culture a bad name. This caused many to see
Greek culture as evil, and since superstition was such a craze at this time, no one wanted to

associate with anything evil. On the contrary, Greek literature was eventually rediscovered because Arabic kingdoms preserved works like those that were destroyed in the Library of
Alexandria. The only thing that assured the survival of Greek literature was the preservation of these literary Greek works. Also as the time of the Renaissance