Oedipus Rex Essay

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02 October 2014
Oedipus Essay Sometimes, we as human beings, are unable to see the most apparent truths. Sometimes, even the blind can see more than the sighted. Sophocles demonstrates this in his famous play, Oedipus Rex. Oedipus, whose name means “swollen foot” is cursed from birth. His parents receive a prophecy that states that Oedipus will grow up to kill his father so they leave him in a mountain to die. However, Oedipus is saved by a shepherd. Furthermore, the prophecy soon proves to be right as Oedipus does indeed kill his own father, King of Thebes, Laos. A smart and arrogant man, Oedipus goes on to solve a riddle imposed by the Sphinx of Thebes. He then is crowned King and marries the widowed wife of Laos, Jocasta; fate begins to take its toll. Oedipus learns that there is a plague in Thebes. Therefore, Kreon( Jocasta's brother), looks unto Apollo for help. Kreon then comes back with news on how to rid the plague. He says that in order to lift the plague off of Thebes, the person found guilty in the murder of Laos must be found. Through the rest of the play, we find Oedipus desperately searching for the murderer. Oedipus, blind of the truth, fails to recognize that he is own doom. It is his hubris, that keeps him from realizing that he is the one who murdered Laos. He is so arrogant and full of himself that he insults Teiresias, a physically blind yet wise old man of Thebes, when he unwillingly strikes him with the hurtful truth. Teiresias is trusted and respected by everyone in the city, “ the holy prophet in whom, alone of all men, truth was born”. Still, Oedipus is scornful enough to accuse Teiresias of plotting against him to help Kreon become King. Responding to Oedipus’ insults, Teiresias tells him, “ you with both your eyes you are blind: You can not see the wretchedness of your life…”. Teiresias who is physically blind can see the world for what it really is better than Oedipus who is not physically blind but rather blind to the