Oedipus the King Essay

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Shah Khan
Professor Seamans-Frizzell
After reading the play, Oedipus The King, I’ll have to disagree with anyone who says they’ve had a bad day. I must agree with The Norton Anthology of Drama which states that Aristotle singled out the play Oedipus The King as an exemplar of tragedy. Talk about bad luck, Oedipus’s life seemed to have set forth on the wrong foot since the day he was born. Truly a tragic destined life. Despite the adversity Oedipus endures, I believe Oedipus was a great person. Oedipus’s character comes off very intelligent, articulate and prideful. His confidence may have cost him a few hardships in comprehending the truth towards the middle of the play, but for the most part he was a king who served his people. Towards the beginning of the play Oedipus manifests his concern for his people, and the extreme measures he is willing to take to achieve peace from the curse set upon Thebes. His honesty to his people is evident when Creon, who was sent by Oedipus to find out how to end the plague, returns from the Delphic oracle and relays the news to him. Creon advises Oedipus to speak in private, but Oedipus did not want to hide the truth but rather share openly what needed to be done. In my opinion this exemplifies fair leadership. As great of a man Oedipus was, at times I found that his pride also got to him. Instead of listening to the blind prophet, Tiresias, Oedipus completely rejects the truth and concocts scenarios where Tiresias and Creon try to overthrow him. I’m assuming the irony between these two characters was done on purpose. The blind prophet Tiresias sees the truth whereas Oedipus who can see rejects the truth. Oedipus is blind even with his vision. As I mention blindness, for a play written in 429 BC, there was quite some vulgarity. Things that even I wouldn’t want to envision. Towards the end of the play as Oedipus begins