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Of Marriage and Single Life Melcon
To be in love, or to remain a free spirit, that is the question everyone faces every single day of their lives. Each situation provides benefits to the individual as well as negatives to the relationship setting. In Francis Bacon’s
Of Marriage and Single Life,
He is constantly battling between settling down and having a family with being single without anyone to care for and no commitment. Bacon regularly gives advantages and disadvantages for each argument he proposes. This piece really shows how the author constantly argues with himself and can never to terms with either lifestyle. Bacon never gives his position, this is evident through his constant internal quarrels about money, lifestyle, and happiness. I am just as torn between the two sides as much as Bacon is. Every aspect can attract you as well as push you away
One topic of almost every conversation has something to do with the unresting stir caused by the desire to make and save money. “Such on one is a great man, Yea, but he hath a great charge of children”. According to Bacon, you aren’t as rich as claimed if you have a plethora of kids to support. I believe even though family can be expensive you can’t put a price on lifelong relationships. However being a man, means you’ll have to provide for those who are under your responsibility. Bacon never lived to see the price of college nowadays whereas I’m going to be a victim of this unethical market.
Another good point would be how differently single men live from the married men.
“Unmarried men are best friends, best masters, best servants; but not always best subjects; for they are light to run away; and almost all fugitives are of that condition.” Bacon is trying to sate

that even though single men are the best to party and socialize with, they are the worst for trying to depend on. Unmarried men tend to be more cruel and vulgar since they lack the discipline of humanity by not having to care for women and children. Married men are full of