Of Mice and Men Essay

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Of mice and men is about two guys named George Milton and Lennie Small who are traveling farm workers. George is a short, tan-skinned, strong, smart man who takes care of Lennie. Lennie is a tall, strong guy but he has a mental retardation. While on their way to a new farm because of a mishap that happened previously, they stop at a creek to spend the night. George tells Lennie if there is any big trouble concerning them at the new farm that Lennie should find his way back here and hide in the brush until George came to get him. When morning comes, they get to the farm and settle into the bunk house that they are staying in. They soon meet Candy, the handy man, Slim, the mule driver, Curley, the boss’s son, and Curley’s wife. George tells Slim about how much Lennie wanted a puppy and slims dog had just gave birth to 9 puppies, so Slim lets Lennie take care of one of them. The next day, Curley is running around the farm looking for his wife but he asks Slim repeatedly but slim gets annoyed and rushes into the bunk house. While all the workers are making fun of Curley and his wife Curley, catches Lennie smiling and gets mad. Curley, who doesn’t like big guys considering the fact that he is fairly small himself, starts to beat Lennie up. Lennie doesn’t know how to react so he cries until George tells him to fight back. Lennie grabs Curley’s hand and squeezed it with all of his strength and breaks every bone in Curley’s hand and eventually let go. In order for George and Lennie to not get fired for this, everyone lies and says that Curley got his hand stuck in a machine. Later that week, everyone goes into town to have a drink but Lennie is stuck at the farm with the stable buck, Crooks. He doesn’t want Lennie to come in his room at first but eventually he invites him to come in and have a seat and they start talking. Candy comes in looking for Lennie but he ends up staying until they get interrupted by Curley’s wife and she tries to start trouble but left them alone when everyone returned to the farm. George comes and gets Lennie and Candy out of Crooks’ room and takes them back to the bunk house. The next morning, while all the guys were outside playing horse shoes, Lennie was in the barn burying his puppy because he killed it. As he was doing this, Curley’s wife comes in and starts talking to Lennie but he doesn’t want to talk back at first. But eventually he gives in and they start talking about how they like to feel things that are