Of Mice and Men Essay

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Under the Circumstances
How does one respond to circumstances beyond familiar experience? When faced with an unfamiliar experience a person’s first reaction, is to do the first thing that pops into their head. For example in the novel, “Of Mice and Men“, by John SteinBack, the characters don’t know how to respond to the unfamiliar circumstances that they are faced with, so they do the first thing that comes to mind. People are often unaware of the things that they are getting themselves into to when responding to circumstances that are not familiar to them.

For example, George a character in the novel, ‘Of Mice and Men,” has to quickly decide what to do because Lennie had got into to some kind of trouble involving a women; now some men are after them wanting to find and kill the both of them. George then makes the decision to run away, oblivious to what he has to deal with later involving Lennie. People make unconscious decisions, not realizing what’s in store for the future, when they are pressured to respond to a new situation.
Next, Lennie is sitting in the barn with Curley’s wife, when she tells him to feel how soft her hair is, he does. When he is asked to stop he won’t, then she starts to scream and Lennie covers her mouth, wrestles with her not realizing he just broke her neck. His knows he did wrong not purposely, so he does what comes to mind, which is to go run and hide where George told him too. When people unknowingly do something wrong, they are scared and…