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Study Guide for M&M

1. Three ways showing that Lennie is mentally retarded are when Lennie was talking to the lady and said that he likes bunnies because they are soft, Lennie said that sentence like a little kid still learning how to talk. Another way showing Lennie is mentally retarded is when Lennie was touching the ladies hair but was acting like a kid, he couldn’t control his actions. Also when Lennie forgets everything and only talks about the rabbits with a weird way of saying it.
2. A. I think it is a fair treatment since if there were I little kid the only way they can learn or to understand something is to hit them once in a or scream at they.
B. This is understandable because even though Lennie is an adult Lennie is mentally retarded so it is harder for him to understand so maybe screaming or hitting Lennie can be expectable
C. The only thing I would change about the way George was teaching Lennie is by keeping Lennie closer to me so that I can show him visually what is correct behavior and what is not.
3A. Candy treats Lennie well since Candy know that he wants to live with George and Lennie in a farm so he wants to be good friends with them.
B. Curley’s wife has a big interest in Lennie she just really want to talk to other people instead of her husband. She is still mysterious in how she talks to Lennie, but forms a small relationship.
C. Crooks at first didn’t want anything to do with Lennie but that night Lennie visited Crook they made a small friendship since Crook is usually alone and has no one to talk to.
What all these Characters have in common to what they say to Lennie is that Lennie is a nice fellow and that even though he has a mental disease Lennie is actually a nice person to have around.
4. Lennie kills the puppy on accident he did mean to do it the dog bite him so Lennie hit the dog to each