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Many people have friends that contribute to their own destructions, but sometimes doing what’s right for the both of you may be easier said than done. Many people may not agree with Georges decision to kill Lennie at the end of the novel , Of Mice And Men, however throughout the entire book, the author, John
Steinbeck, included several reasons that support the fact George had no other choice . It doesn’t take a lot to see why George had to kill Lennie. He consistently stayed in trouble. From touching the girl in Weed’s dress, to killing Curley’s wife, he did not realize the true severances or the consequences in his actions. First ,Steinbeck discusses Lennie’s first incidents .In the beginning of chapter 1, George is highly upset at Lennie because of his actions. He yells at him and complains about how great his life would be if he didn’t have the responsibility of watching him. He also yells at him and tells him how he does bad things, and how he has to get them out, referring back to the girl in Weed (pg11). Then, Steinbeck mentions Reoccurring Events. In chapter 5, Lennie kills the puppy in the barn. He was very upset because he didn’t mean to. He also killed Curley’s wife. (pg91) Lennie doesn’t mean to kill or hurt her. Since he’s mentally handicapped, he doesn’t truly realize the severity of his actions, and in return can’t take responsibility for them either. Lastly, George had to kill Lennie in Chapter 6.(pg 106) George chose to kill Lennie because he didn’t…