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The book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is about two men who go looking for a job during the Great Depression. The men go through a lot to get where they end up with a lot of trouble and work. George is smart, thin and small while Lennie is his exact opposite.Through out the book there are multiple themes; the most important one is the worth of a life the characters have to question this throughout the book. When you're of a different race or origin, you don’t seem to be as important or have as much say as others do. This is shown with the character Crooks in the book. He's an African American stable keeper. Compared to everyone else, he has the most education despite the fact he has to stay separate from the others. While Curley's wife has more power than him. She can threaten him “You know what I could do? Yes ma’am. Well you keep your…I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain’t even funny”(80-81). So the one with no name can get him killed by just saying a single word. This happens not because of his education, but because of his race. Nobody really pays attention to what Crooks says because of his race. Whenever it's something simple or an order, he isn't allowed to say anything about it or complain. Just as he said himself while talking to Lennie one night, “This is just a *** talkin’ an’ a busted-back ***...It don’t make no difference, no difference”(71). Crooks can’t talk to anybody about his life or how he feels because nobody will take the time to listen. When he talks, people don’t listen because he’s not ‘important’. It's as easy as saying a single word and a life is over. That is a worth of a life for a man like Crooks during the Great Depression. Lennie's life doesn’t really mean much its as easy as pulling a trigger than its gone forever during the time of the Great Depression. When Lennie got in trouble for hurting people they never were quite sure what to do except run. When Lennie really hurts the ‘tart’, Slim the god