of mice and men Essay

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I think the loneliest character in of mice and men is Crooks. This person is a very sad charachter and has a terrible life. Because of this, this makes the reader more fastinated in knowing more about him, which later on in the story he opens up to Lennie, but it also makes the reader feel more sympthetic for him because we get to see things from Crooks' point of view. Crooks is lonely because he lives alone in a barn, unlike the other workers who live in cabin type structures with other partners. He's isolated away from the others because he's dark skinned, and the only dark skinned person on that ranch.

Crooks is lonely because of his color, there's a lot of racism back in history, black people were considered 'lower beings' and were treated like half a human being. Black people suffered because of this and had no rights to defend themselves. Lennie's interaction with crooks however, wasn't like he was treating him unfairly, only because of Lennies mental disroder he didn't know right from wrong. Crooks is usually suspicios of any type of kind behaviour, because he's used to getting treated poorly. So, Crooks begins to pick on Lennie, saying that George wouldnt come home, we see mean side of crooks that he developed after being alone for so long most likely. Lennie fights back saying George wouldn't leave him, and then tells Crooks about his dream ranch, and Candy even pops in and gets Crooks excited about the dream ranch. He begins to open up because he feels…