Of Mice and Men and ‘an Apple Box Essay

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Life on the ranch
Life on the ranch is presented as a hostile way of life in the introduction in of Mice and Men. However George and Lenny are itinerant workers and do not seem unhappy or surprised with the conditions, suggesting for them it is nothing out of the ordinary. The lives of itinerant workers were hard, challenging and unrewarding. Steinbeck shows the reality of their lives.
Steinbeck’s description of the bunk house included ‘An apple box with the opening forward so that it made two shelves for personal belongings.’ This states that the itinerant workers do not poses any or many personal belongings other than necessities as on a low wage and having to carry their belongings they could not afford anything more. It also suggests that there is a lack of privacy as they are all sharing the same room.
Authority is introduced the workers being bottom of the rank. Candy the old swamper tells lennie and George all about the bosses son, Curley, and his wife. They talk badly about him telling us he is not respected by the workers.Slim is then introduced ‘slim moved with a majesty only achieved with royalty’ slims body language automatically suggests he is a more gentel and pleasent man. Steinbeck uses only achived by royalty to suggest that the respect which candy recives is not demanded but is chosen to be given. His physic is described as tall, his height makes him stand out from other people at the ranch and gives him authority unmeaningfully which contasts to