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Unexpected Catastrophe Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck displays the lives of two homeless acquaintances that wander about in search. Unfortunately, Lennie, who is mentally handicapped, is always getting into trouble. One thing led to another, which resulted in George killing Lennie. George made the right decision killing him.

Lennie's death was intentional from the moment George stole the gun from Carlson. He had the whole scenario played out. He knew Lennie. If caught, he knew he was going to be killed by Curley or locked up forever where he would perhaps be abused or treated like an animal. Instead, George ended his relationship with Lennie on his own terms, unlike how Candy curled up and didn't take matters into his own hands. Earlier in the novel, Slim said that “I wish somebody'd shoot me if I got old an' a cripple.” (Steinbeck 45). This foreshadowing gave clues to the murdering of Lennie at the end of the novel.

Not including the trouble Lennie got George into, but the time for each activity doubled opposed to if George was solo on his search. Much like the other migrant workers, who worked alone, and lived alone all their lives. Lennie was slow, understandably, but George shouldn't of been the one to take him in. He isn't even related to him, nor does he know him. He knew Lennie's Aunt, but that's it. Lennie didn't just slow George down on the job force, but with any other activity. Lennie would also get into trouble in various towns, freaking out. Like when they were in Weed Lennie makes another mistake; “So he reaches out to feel this red dress an' the girl lets out a squawk...and he holds on 'cause that's the only thing he can think to do.” (Steinbeck 41). Earning money was twice as hard, since Lennie ate like a horse and was costing as much as one. Lennie was on his way to crossing the line, and once he did, game over. George was defending his lifestyle, keeping things the way they were. Things would have gotten ugly for both guys if they were to escape together.

Aside from the jail opportunity that George possibly could have pulled off, Curley still would have pressed extreme charges and could have even gotten hold of him. His wife wasn't his concern, he was still irked from Lennie breaking his hand, and wanted revenge for it. He always said he liked to start fights with big guys like Lennie. In reality George did a brave and honorable thing for his friend, outside the fact he ended his life with a bullet, but at least it was quick and painless.

Now that Lennie is out of the picture, George can now accumulate enough funds to live as normal as a homeless man can with friends like Candy and Carlson. He even gained the respect from Slim and Curley, and will no doubt ably be allowed to stay on the farm to work. As you can see, the resolution of the conflict turned out positive in both parties' favors. Even Curley, though unhappy he couldn't of killed Lennie himself, was settled and comforted George had the guts to do it, which showed how dedicated George was to his job and his new friends.

Others believe that killing Lennie was an unnecessary act and inhumane way…