Of Mice and Men and Lennie Essay

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Of Mice and Men Summer Reading Project
Novel by: Jhon Steinbeck

P. 6
By: ZacMayle

Of mice and men is a story about two men, A brainy but scrawny man named George and a tall but slow thinking man named Lennie, in search of work. The story starts of as the two escape from a search party for an unknown issue. After getting their work cards, they take a bus from weed (the area they where previously in) to a farm in an unknown location south of weed. They get off a few milles away because the driver was to lazy to take them there. While spending the night there, George and Lennie talk about how life will be in there future dream home. The next day they set off again to the farm, where they meet candy, a old but rather friendly man, slim a tall and strong worker, and curly a short and ill-tempered boxer showing off for his new wife. (who is interested in other men) All goes well until one night while, curly starts beating up Lennie, which in return Lennie crushes his hand. After that life goes on ok, with very few outbreaks until towards the end, when curly`s wife has a talk with Lennie. She(the wife) let Lennie play with her hair, which in end caused Lennie to break her neck. Lennie ran off fearing he had done bad, and the rest of the farm workers hunted him down. In the end George had to shoot Lennie because he was his bestfriend and did not want Lennie to be afraid or hurt.

George is a average height man, in his mid to early 30’s,