Of Mice And Men Companionship Analysis

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Thomas A. Edison once said “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.” In the world today, there are many dreamers, but not too many executors. The passion and hard work that needs to be put in to achieve these dreams, seems out of reach for some, but when you have the support of a companion, anything can be possible. The importance of support is a lesson to learn for those who want to be successful and accomplish their dreams. Through the relationships of Candy with his dog and George with Lennie in the novella Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck relays the theme that the aspiration to effectuate a dream, comes from the welfare of companionship and support.
Through the novella, Steinbeck shows companionship in many ways. The importance of companionship comes about when Candy and his dog are brought into the story, and the two are very similar to each other. They both are portrayed as old and useless on the farm. Candy’s dog smells and cannot walk well, let alone herd sheep. One night in the bunkhouse, Carlson offers to shoot Candy’s dog, at first he refuses and refuses, but Carlson breaks him. After the dog is
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Throughout the novella, relationships are emphasized. Given the situation of the men on the ranch, they all are surprised when Lennie and George tell them that they travel together. The men on the ranch do not understand the importance of support. Having that companionship is not only for support, but for sanity. Just having someone to talk to, even if they are not listening, having that company, is what makes you feel full. Without that fullness, no dream could be accomplished, because in the end, that fullness will create a newfound courage to chase your