Of Mice And Men Crooks Loneliness Analysis

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A man's friendships are one of the best measures of his worth.(charles Darwin)your friend is who your turn to for a problem or to just talk and etc. loneliness is when he or she has no friends or company to talk to or just hang out with.and well crooks fit into that whole category he had no friends to talk to he would go to sleep wake up do his work finish go back to his bunk and clean himself then read a book or go to sleep, he wasn't in the bunkhouse because he was black “ I ain't wanted in the bunkhouse, and you ain’t wanted in my room” crooks say “ why ain’t your wanted” lennie asked “cause i'm black.They play cards in their ,but i can't play because i'm black.”(M&M pg 68) crooks says.That shows kind why he was so mean when george came into his room when he was on his way to see the pups.Crooks is so isolated that him and candy have been working at the barn and in (pg 75) was the first time candy ever entered crooks room “i been here a long time,” says candy. …show more content…
An’ crooks been here a long time.This is the first time i ever been in his room,” candy says “Guys don't come into colored man's room very much.Nobody been here but slim and’ the boss” crooks says.But George and lennie did not have that they had friendship they had each other they were alone but they were alone together.Even though george killed lennie it was out of kindness because the couldn't bear witness his best friend get tortured or killed in the most painful way so he killed him so the wouldn't go through all the