Of Mice And Men Dreams Analysis

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“How does Of Mice and Men demonstrate the power of dreams?” In John Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’ novella it shows that dreams give the characters hope for the future. The novella shows the importance of dreams to the characters. Lennie and George have the desire of attaining land, this gets them motivated each day. Crooks’ hopes that he will one day be seen equal to everyone else. Curley’s wife wishes that she could be a movie star in Hollywood. All of the visions in the novella are very significant to each character.
George and Lennie’s dream of the farm is extremely symbolic of their friendship and futures. It keeps them going each day it’s something to look forward to. Lennie’s fantasises of tending the rabbits and “Living of the fatta
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He has been set aside from everyone which makes him feel extremely lonely. His desire could dramatically change his life if it came true. He calls himself “an’ busted back nigger.” When Lennie comes into his room he is over the moon that someone sees him the same as everyone else. He opens up to Lennie and tells him his desires. He remembers some of his childhood memories, when he played with white children. Crooks wishes for a similar relationship with white people again. Curley’s wife comes into Crook’s room and reminds him of his place and threatens to have him killed. Instantly Crooks vision is shattered. He knows that he will never be seen equal to everyone. Crooks’ knows his rights and it makes him even more hurt when his dream cannot be accomplished.
Curley’s wife thought of being a movie star in Hollywood. Her dream was significant because she wanted people to admire her beauty and talent. “a guy tol’ me he could put me in the pitchers.” Unfortunately her fantasy never came true either. She married Curley and lived with him. Curley’s wife becomes extremely isolated from everyone and Curley doesn’t care about her. If her own objective was fulfilled she wouldn’t have been isolated and treated