Of Mice And Men Friendship Essay

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What if you had one friend and you had to kill him. What if you had one friend and you haven't seen him or her in years. What if you had one friend and you had to rely on him or her because they are the only one that can get you out of death. What if your best friend died and you were happy about it. These are all the what ifs in the story’s “Of Mice and Men”, “A Wagner Matinee”, “The Crucible”, and “The story of an hour”. Each and every one of these stories has some sort of friendship. Why is friendship always a big role in a short story a novel and a novella. Everyone needs a friend.

In the story Of Mice and Men, friendship plays a huge role in the entire plot. Lennie and George were side by side almost the whole movie. George could not trust Lennie because he was not right in the head. George thought he had to take care of him because no one else would. Other people would just let him suffer and not know his own way around his life. If Lennie was not in George’s life he would have a more eventful life and George would do things that he would never imagine
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Their friendship grew because of their love for music. Aunt Georgiana taught Clark how to compose music and how music is a lifestyle and an art. Clark showed aunt georgiana around and showed her the atmosphere of Boston. The story a Wagner Matinee is a story about a man seeing his aunt who taught him how to conduct music, she taught him how to feel music. He has not seen her in years and she is finally visiting his nephew for the first time ever since he moved. Their friendship is much different than Lennie and George’s in Of Mice and Men. Clark at first did not want to learn the ways of music but then learned to love it. George always took care of Lennie because George felt like he had to take care of Lennie. A Wagner Matinee was more like Aunt Georgiana did not have to teach Clark the ways and she did not feel like she had