Essay on Of Mice and Men: John Steinbeck

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Emad Abid
23 July 2014
Some suggest it is always best to tell the truth because the outcome will lead to fewer destructive consequences, though, at times, lying, or staying silent on the matter is the better option. Everyone gets stuck in unwanted situations and it is hard what move to make to get a favorable outcome. It may not be in one’s best interest to, but if it gives the better result, then it may be best to lie. Honesty has been taught by many to be the best way to get out of an unwanted situation, but stating reality may wreak havoc, as evidenced by the complex relationship between
George and Lennie in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and AT&T and Verizon’s involvement in the National Security Agency scandal. The only basis for a lasting relationship, according to many, rests on honesty, but George and Lennie’s complicated yet close relationship in John Steinbeck’s classic shows that it may be better to lie. George keeps damaging facts, including that the reason for moving town to town was because Lennie could not get a hold of himself, away from his friend Lennie to make sure that Lennie does not lose control upon hearing the truth. If George were to tell the harmful facts,
Lennie might blow their cover with those from whom they are running away from and it potentially leading them to big trouble. Lennie is the reason for their moving from place to place due to his exertion of violence upon others and being straightforward to him may add more stress to George. George also lies to Lennie right before George kills him. In the process, George lies to Lennie, telling him that they will move to their dream farm. George lies to Lennie because
George knows that Lennie did nothing wrong and is unintentionally aggressive when it comes to dealing with tough matters. Also, it makes it easier for Lennie to stay in pace and cherish their

dream for one last time. Though painful for George to shoot his best friend, Lennie dies peacefully. Avoiding validity may help a relationship stay strong and closer as opposed to being frank, which may actually create distance.
When one’s wrongdoings are put under the public eye, it suddenly becomes a nightmare with people constantly scrutinizing.However, lying, or dismissing these wrongdoings may be the best way to get out of public scrutiny. Often, government actions can come across as immoral by the general public. A recent example of government deceit is the National Security
Administration surveillance scandal. Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor, leaked secret information that the government was recording private