Of Mice and Men- Movie Report Essay

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Of mice and men

The movie I have chosen is "Of Mice and Men" and this movie takes place during the great depression. It describes a couple of men (George and Lennie) and their struggles and never ending hope to live the "American Dream". It follows them in their journey when they are traveling to Soledad, California after fleeing from Weed, California. The characters that were portrayed in this movie give a good view of how hard it was living in that time. If you wanted to survive, you had to move constantly to look for work. You would work from dawn to dusk just to get a decent paycheck which was around ($30-$50 a month). I personally believe that the historical facts were depicted accurately on the facts that a lot of people did have to travel far and wide just to search for work. Many people lost their lands and many people didn't have a dime to their name. In the movie, Lennie enjoys the story George tells him of them having a couple of acres to their name with a small house and lots of animals. Lennie is overjoyed because he will be able to take care of the rabbits that he is so fond of. At the end of the movie Lennies' life was cut short by George in order to protect him from the angry mob that was going to torture and kill him since he accidently killed Curlys' Wife (Ranch owner’s son). This showed the ending of a dream and the hope he had. The movie also had other victims ranging from loneliness to discrimination. The movie also introduced a character who’s name was "Crooks". Crooks had a crooked back which left him hunched over. It does show racism because he isn't allowed to be with the "white man" and is forced to stay out in the stables with the animals because of his skin. There is also Curlys’ wife who is constantly lonely and had her dreams of becoming a movie star crushed. She went ahead and married Curly thinking she would be happy but she is always flirty with all of the working men.
I did not see any mistakes in the film portray the life of a migrant