Essay about Of Mice And Men Poems

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Friendship is...
One of the greatest things in life. It can make you or break you along the way. Friendships can make you laugh or cry. Friend can help you avoid mistakes. They look out for you. Good friends are hard to find but great ones are even better! They are your crying shoulder and your rock. They keep you out of trouble as much as possible. When you get into trouble they help you out! Friends can be trouble unless you get the right one like Lennie did.
The Glove!!
The glove is a painful sight to his wife. The glove means pain and torture but no bruises to prove the pain. The Glove keeps his hand so soft that no matter how hard he hits she has no proof! Everyone knows but no one will help!

Mr. Tough Guy
He thinks he’s big and bad when he is really just short and a jerk. He starts fights with retarded people and beats his wife! He wears a Glove so no marks are left! He’s selfish and mean and he likes green beans! He got his shatter because he battered! He could be considered a murder by all means! The Skimpy Gimp! She shows of her skin to other men. She is always ‘looking’ for her man in the bunks of other men. She is absolute trouble. Jail bait some would say.
Some would use the term ‘slut’ , ‘whore’ and much more. Her husband just isnt enough for her anymore. She wants more. And wanting more got her DEAD!
Loneliness is…..
Being lonely isn’t something bad. Being lonely is feeling alone. It doesn’t mean you are alone it means you feel like it. You might have