Of Mice And Men Respect And Loneliness Essay

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Loyalty, respect, and loneliness. All of these feelings are portrayed throughout Steinbeck's novel, Of Mice and Men. Throughout this short story George and Lennie have a dream. This dream attracts others to gain hope that one day they will all live to be wealthy with land and money, but what is a dream worth without people by your side? A friendly relationship is what brings real joy. Out of all the themes Steinbeck addresses the importance of relationships really stands out. Having people to lean on makes the bad times good. Many of the characters don’t have many people to have their back or go to great lengths to keep them safe. George and Lennie the main characters stick together through out this story through thick and thin. The caretaker of the two is George he makes it his mission to make sure Lennie feels happy and satisfied. Even though Lennie doesn’t understand because of his mental disabilities. They both keep going in search for something that gets them closer to their dream of owning their own land. Even later on when their dream kind of exploded and Lennie was in trouble, George was thinking about Lennie. He wanting him to leave this earth with the largest amount of hope and peace he could have. Sticking together is what kept them alive and able to move on, not having that important relationship would …show more content…
George and Lennie sticking together living out their life with an optimistic dream. Crooks being very lonely, but then seeing the good in being with others. Curly’s wife not able to commit to her one and only relationship, but trying to be noticed. All of these play a part in why Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men was considered the best short read ever. This story was full of detail and a different variety of situations the characters were in. Most importantly he addressed what is was like back then and how sticking together and making friends will help you in the long