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OMM, Curley’s wife – portrayed in many ways by diff. char.
One side : + respectable, good company whereas :- verbally abusive, wonton
I:nice girl; “flirtatious” actions to gain ; looks are the only thing she has that interests men
Intend to analyse actions+ personality – justify :from more than 1 perspective
S+C context- huge impact , expresses herself.
Despite, harsh reality + impacts- reveals 1st time when alone with Lennie ”I coulda made”
Marrying -missed opp-divorce uncommon…,no £ stability esp. 1930’s after WSC 1929.
Discriminated, left out from everything – attempts to(never allowed-) ranch..ain’t no place
C,ic3, tells CURLEY, “where she belongs”-dem. Women unemployed, look after child.
Only character, presents this by reff.,apostr.-poss. (to show that she wants recog,att,own
Uses nature ima. When portraying for 1st- “Both men glanced up, for the rectangle of ”
Candy, crooks and George agree- stands between men in bunkhouse & sun –metaphor.
Another stylistic feature- foreshadowing-idea that lennie keeps doing” ba” things- contin.
“You always killed ‘em”, “So he reaches out to feel this”,” an’ I done it.”-builds up sus. cyclic narrative.- learn lennie ac. Of rape, (weed-symbolism), more impor.-returns to us similes- “flopped like a fish”, “her hair hung in little clusters, like sausages” – powe adj. whilst characteri- key &clever conce.. –port. what she’s really like and not just wha ranc depicted as a tart by Candy, -delineated “very pretty and simple” –eff.cont.-reader feels s when we 1st meet her, bit sleazy- “she leaned”, “when she twi”- however, c.5 left with lasting image that she is innocent which we