Of Mice & Men Report Essay

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Of Mice and Men Response Essay

We’ve finished the book and yet there are still a lot of things to discuss of what might’ve happened after George shoots Lennie at the back of his head and then George and Slim walk off at the end of the book along with some dialogue. Some might say that George will live a happier life; some might say that George will then suffer from depression because he’ll miss Lennie too much. Well, in this essay I’ll be stating what I believe will happen later on the story, even though the book is finished. So, we left off at the scene when George was standing there with Carlson’s Luger (a German pistol) and Lennie is lying limp on the ground due to a fatal shot in the head. Shall we continue on? George is coming back to the ranch with a blank face and he is just regretting about what he had done to Lennie, poor Lennie. George is mute; he’s not saying a word. He’s not saying anything at all, not even to Slim, nor anyone else. George couldn’t bare it anymore, so he decided to take off and leave the ranch. He remembers his deal with Candy, about having their own piece of land, and having Lennie tend the rabbits. Oh, the rabbits…Lennie would’ve loved them. The ranch reminded George about all of the times he was with Lennie, George couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t live with all of those memories because his memories are going to drive him into the ground, making him depressed and making him feel lonely. Of course, George feels awkward traveling around without his best bud at his side, meaning that George won’t be expecting much on his journey to a better life. So, George gets off the ranch and looks for a new life…trying to fulfill his “American Dream.” Months have passed and George seems to be doing well. He found a new ranch, he found a great place to stay and a great job (George is a cook). It may seem like George is having a great time on this new ranch, but he still can’t get the repetitive flash backs of Lennie out of his mind. It’s like a little piece of Lennie was shoved into George’s brain and he can never get Lennie out. It’s driving George nuts, and soon enough he might become insane. George usually imagines himself being locked inside of an insane asylum, probably in one of those rooms that has padded walls and he would be sitting there, in a strait jacket rocking back and forth, leaving him with nothing but his thoughts. He couldn’t think straight, so he’s probably going to get fired from his new job if he acts the same. The boss, named Orlando has been seeing George acting very unusual, so he was hesitant about giving George the job and yet he does give George the job. Orlando should have never done that… A year has passed since Lennie’s death, and unfortunately, George’s imagination became into a reality. George was stuck inside of an insane asylum, sitting on the padded floors with his strait jacket on and he’s got nothing left but his own thoughts. George was living in a pure hell; he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t escape; he couldn’t even attempt suicide if he wanted to.