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Safety on-campus and off-campus is extremely important. Robberies, drugs, and sexual assault are examples of some things that can happen to a student while they are living off campus or even on campus. Men have been found to show higher levels of fear of criminal attacks such as robbery, while women are more afraid of being a victim of sexual assault. (Pritchard et al. 16) Having a fear can make a student want to limit his or her activities, interactions, or movements around campus. (Pritchard et al. 17) The choice to stay on or off campus can affect the risk of sexual assault, drugs, and possibly of being robbed.
Anyone can be involved with drugs, robbery, and sexual assault, whether it is on campus or off campus. Pritchard, Jordan, and Wilcox’s
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(Pritchard et al.16) However, when in a situation with a stranger, a student will never know what the stranger can or will do to him or her. With a person that a student does know, he or she can possibly talk the stranger out of making a regretful mistake. With strangers, a student may not have that same opportunity. With living off campus, things get a little more personal. You can possibly be stalked to your place especially because there are less security and people watching. “…. One could attribute the greater level of hostility for off-campus residents, as compared to respondents living on campus, to the stringent screening and security measures in place at the dorms that are not necessarily in place at publicly managed facilities” (Schildkraut et al. 106). On campus security, may not be on the watch all the time, but if anything was to happen around the campus, there are ways for them to help a student out. For instance, if someone is following a student to his or her residence hall. It is easier for the stalker to get caught by an RA (Residence Assistant) or RD (Residence Director). Living off campus it is harder for someone to be a witness. Especially, is the nosey neighbor is not on-duty. “We hypothesize that students living off-campus (in comparison with those living on campus) will express higher fear of