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Off-Campus Housing
Application 2014-2015

Residence Life

Green Mountain College is a residential college that requires all students to live on campus. Exemptions from the mandatory housing policy may be granted if the College’s full-time student enrollment for the upcoming academic year is projected to exceed housing capacity or if a student can meet the qualifications in the Green Mountain College Student Handbook. If a student fails to provide the required documentation to the Office of Residence Life prior to the March 24th deadline, an off-campus housing exemption will not be granted.

Important Dates
March 6th -- Off-Campus Housing Applications Available
March 18th & March 20th -- Mandatory Off-Campus Interest Meetings
(All interested students must attend one of these meetings)
March 25 th -- Off-Campus Housing Applications Due
April 4 th -- Off-Campus Decisions Announced
April 18 th -- Off-Campus Appeals Due
Please note that all interested students must attend at least one of the mandatory interest meetings held during in order to be eligible for an off-campus housing release. These meetings will be held in the Gorge on each of the dates listed above.. Any student who fails to attend at least one of these meetings will be ineligible to apply for off-campus housing.

Qualifications for Off-Campus Release
Please refer to pages 22-23 in the Green Mountain College Student Handbook to review all qualifications and guidelines pertaining to the
College’s off-campus housing selection process. This document can be found online at:

Financial Aid
Choosing to live off-campus may affect your financial aid package. Any student interested in moving off-campus should consult with the
Office of Student Financial Services prior to applying in order to determine how their individual student account may be affected.

Notification of Acceptance
Students will be notified by the Office of Residence Life if their off-campus application is approved or denied. Approval notifications will be sent via e-mail on April 4, 2014. All students should recognize that approval from the Office of Residence Life should be obtained before they sign a lease and live off-campus. If a student is not given permission to live off-campus they are highly encouraged to participate in the oncampus housing selection process (see handout on MyGMC for details).
All students who are approved to live off-campus must provide the College with a valid local address and a copy of a signed lease once they have identified an off-campus residence for the 2014-15 academic year. Room & Board fees for the Fall 2014 semester will not be waived until a copy of this documentation is provided to the Office of Residence Life.

An off-campus housing decision may be appealed to the Vice President of Student Life if it meets the appropriate criteria. All appeals must be formally submitted to the Office of Student Life, located in the basement of Withey Hall, by no later than April 15, 2013. To appeal a denied application, a student must be able to provide new information or documentation not originally available at the time of the initial request that supports the application for an off-campus release. Appeals that fail to clearly demonstrate the presence of new information and/or documentation will not be considered.

Good Neighbor Policy
The positive relationship Green Mountain College has with the village of Poultney is highly valued by the College and the local Poultney community. Off-campus approvals may be rescinded at any time at the College’s discretion, if an off-campus residence is identified by neighbors, law enforcement, or town authorities as a problem. Potential complaints regarding an off-campus residence may include, but are not limited to, noise, parking, parties where alcohol is served, vandalism, or inappropriate behavior to tenants, visitors, or guests.