Office Automation Research Paper

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Miguel Garcia

October 8, 2008


University of Phoenix


The intent of this paper is to define office automation and group collaboration and how it used in a work environment. Office Automation has been defined as the customization of current computer applications including word processing, spreadsheets, email, and PowerPoint presentations to make everyday office tasks more convenient in your workplace. Group Collaboration software provides tools for groups of people or organizations to share information and coordinate activities.

The purpose of this memorandum is to describe the types of office automation and group collaboration software that is used at GECU. This company utilizes several software packages, however the ones that I will discuss in this informative paper are MicrosoftOffice, outlook, adobe acrobat.
In the modern workplace communication between parties and information sharing have become more important than ever. Organizations move at a much faster pace than ever before and efficient communication is a must. Furthermore the tools that GECU allows to work with, Such as Microsoft Office to produce or communicate faster are becoming increasingly important. This types of tools fall under the category of office automation and the communication aspect falls under group collaboration.Office automation is in its simplest form is any machinery and/or software that facilitates the manipulation or sharing of information that is needed for the day to day operations of the organization. Things like LAN (for information sharing and access), telephone switchboard, office software (word processing, email, presentation), adobe acrobat (for PDF files), among others, basically any machine or item that make the information sharing, management or manipulation easier for the organization can be considered part of the office automation.
The office automation software used by GECU are Microsoft Outlook email,