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Office Space The movie Office Space is about the struggles of happiness four men have at their work due to the humiliation brought upon them by their boss. Peter Gibbons is the programmer for a company called Initech. He spends his days staring at his desk instead of updating the bank software for the expected Y2K effect. Peter’s co-workers Samir and Michael go through their work every day hating their job just as much as Peter. Milton, another one of Peter’s co-workers, sits at his desk mumbling to himself about his dislike of his co-workers borrowing his favorite red stapler. All four of these co-workers are constantly bullied and harassed every day by management and the company’s vice president Bill. At the same time Peter is displeased about his job, the company hires two consultants to help the company downsize. Peter lives in a very small apartment, has a girlfriend who cheats on him, and believes that every day is the worst day of his life. He is so depressed and bored with his life that he sees a hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist helps Peter relax by hypnotizing him, but before she can remove the hypnoses she has a heart attack and dies. Now Peter is left feeling relaxed with his life and not caring about anything. He shows his new attitude by hardly showing up to work ever because he feels keeping a job is not necessary. He finds a new girlfriend at a restaurant named Joanna who also has the same view on life as doing nothing. Despite Peter’s poor attendance, Initech gave Peter a raise because they saw management material inside of him, but his co-workers Samir, Michael, and Milton were laid off. Samir and Michael are so upset with being laid off, that they devise a plan to get Initech back for firing them. Milton continued to work for Initech, where he did not receive payments and his desk was located in the basement of the office. With the help of Peter because he still has access to the company’s computers and their internal systems, the three friends plan to infect the accounting system with a computer virus. The virus is designed to divert fractions of pennies into a bank account controlled by Peter, Michael, and Samir. A misplaced decimal has caused the virus to steal over $300,000 in the first days of the virus. Far too conspicuous for Initech not to notice the missing money, Peter decides to write Bill a letter. The Letter explains how Peter is taking the blame for the virus and for him stealing $300,000 from the company. He puts an envelope underneath Bill’s door one night, which contains the letter and money. The next day Peter, who is expected to be arrested, shows up to work where the office building has been burned down. Peter is not arrested because Bill never got the letter and money because Milton finally got so angry with Bill for stealing his favorite red stapler, that he took the money Peter left for Bill and burned down the office. Peter quits Initech and finds a job doing construction with his neighbor. Samir and Michael get jobs at a rival company called Intertrode. Milton finds himself in Mexico at a resort, where he threatens to shut the place down because of a poorly made drink. Throughout Office Space, several business related ethical dilemmas arose. One ethical issue was the decision of whether or not Peter and his co-workers should steal the money from Initech. Peter and his co-workers chose to steal the money from Initech, which backfired due to a misplaced decimal point. If I were in the