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Classical Conditioning
Unconditioned Stimulus – causes a reflexive reaction
Conditioned Stimulus – only causes a reflexive reaction after being associated with the unconditioned stimulus. After association is established the unconditioned stimulus is removed and then the condition stimulus can elicit a reaction on its own because of the previous association.
Unconditioned Response – is a response when the unconditioned stimulus is present.
Conditioned Response – is a response when the unconditioned stimulus is removed and the conditioned stimulus is eliciting the response.
Unconditioned Stimulus – Reading textbook literature
Conditioned Stimulus – textbook literature
Unconditioned Response – being bored, yawning
Conditioned Response – Yawning and feeling sleepy
My classical conditioning is based off the fact that when you know you have an assignment to read out of a textbook you usually don’t react in any way until you actually have the assignment in front of you. Once you see the textbook, open it up, you realize you have a long way to go to finish reading information that is tedious. Getting restless or yawning is a normal reaction because people don’t like to be forced to sit and read textbook literature for longer than 15 minutes at a time. After about one hour of reading, people can get bored or sleepy as a result.
Knowing that the information in the book will be long causes the initial reaction to yawn after reading at around 15-30 minutes. If you just…