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Officer Essays


Jamie Clark
My name is Jamie Clark and I would be honored to run for NHS president next year in the 2012-2013 school year.
I have played varsity basketball for 3 years now and was picked to be a senior captain of next year's team. I am apart of many different clubs around school. In my junior year I have held leadership positions like Vice President of STEM, Secretary of Leo Club, and Member at Large of Friends for Life. I think that I have the excellent leadership to make NHS very actice and effective in not only Century High School but also the Community. I have the responsibility to do what I am told and help others do what they are suppose to do as well. I feel like I would make an excellent NHS president next year.

Kristen Pauley
I have decided to run for president of our NHS chapter. I find that through my experience on the executive board that I have the ability to fulfill this position properly. As a result of this experience, I have been able to see how things ran this year, and work on ways to improve them in the future. I have also taken the criticism our advisors were willing to offer, and see how we can work through it. I have ran two events in my experience on the executive board, and though one was unsuccessful, I was able to take what had failed there, and use that to build on helping other events as well as another I ran mostly on my own. I feel that my leadership abilities have grown after being on the executive board; I am organized, willing and ready to run events and make things happen so NHS can live up to the pressure that is placed upon it as a renown organization at Century. I strive to improve the running of meetings and events from this past year, as well as encourage the members to be active in the society. As president, I seek to show the true value that being a part of NHS has to offer to its members. I find that these goals and qualities show that I am ready to step up and take the role as president.

Nick Seese
Hello, I would just like to tell you about myself today to let you know about my qualifications for President of NHS. Because of my early involvement in high school events back in middle school, I felt much more comfortable coming in as a freshman, like I got a head start on things, and still today feel more experienced than a great deal of people, simply because of my early involvement around Century. When running lights and sound for shows for groups that rent out the auditorium, I’ve gained invaluable experience dealing with a variety of people, and gained superior leadership skills that well suit the NHS Presidency. As with all other activities, I would be an extremely hardworking and committed NHS president, and help oversee all the activities NHS chooses to run next year. If anyone would have concerns about anything NHS is doing, like the point system, I would make sure to deal with those concerns calmly and reasonably, as I am a firm believer in hearing everyone out. In short, I am an extremely calm person that responds well to stress, respects others, and will help NHS to continue to be an outstanding organization in our community
Vice President

Caroline Plescia I’m Caroline Plescia and I would like to run for Vice President because I feel that I have the leadership experience needed and could efficiently run a committee and take care of the President’s job whenever he/she is absent. In the last year in marching band I ran rehearsals as the assistant drum major and was in attendance to every rehearsal, and always managed my time well enough to always get my homework done too. Time management is something I was able to really excel at throughout my sophomore and junior year as I did marching band, took harder classes (which all had a ton of homework) and also started helping organize the new chapter of Tri-M, the music honor society, at our school this year. As the Tri-M President this year, I learned many valuable leadership