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Executive Summary

The purpose of this study is to identify the current issues that the Student Government Association at Grambling State University is being faced with, along with creating solutions to those problems. The Student Government Association (SGA) exists to serve as the official voice through which student opinions may be expressed and empowered in the overall policy, decision making process, and services offered at Grambling State University. As such, the Student Government Association is committed to understanding the needs of students and advocating on their behalf. Through continuous interaction with students, faculty, staff, and administration, the organization works to improve and enhance the quality of the student experience.
The mission of the SGA is accomplished through constant interaction with the student body. The
SGA is committed to empowering students to voice their opinions on different issues and work with senators so that legislation may be drafted. Through partnerships with departments and university committees throughout campus, students are able to serve as representatives and further voice their opinions. SGA believes the university is for the students, and those students should be able to make a lasting, positive impact for the campus community.
In all, the researchers of this project have composed a list of the internal and external strengths and weaknesses faced by the SGA at Grambling State University, as well as relevant opportunities and threats that exist outside of the SGA that could impact it in a positive or negative way. Also, a new system has been created to help alleviate the current issues faced by the SGA on the GSU campus.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary I
Table of Contents II
Introduction III
Organization Background IV
Mission Statement V
Major Goals V-VI
Stakeholder Chart VII
Purpose of the Study VIII
Organizational Chart VIII
Methods used in the Study IX
Internal Analysis X
External Analysis XI
Target Gains of Re-Configuring the organization XII
Framework for Response to Change XII
Guiding Principle for New Organizational Structure XIII
Proposed Organizational New Structure XIV
Comparative Table: New System vs. Old System XVII
Implementation of New Structure XVIII
Implementation Schedule XVIII-XIX
Monitoring and Control Mechanism XX
Budget XXI


In this report, we will elaborate on some key aspects of Grambling’s Student Government Association. One will have a better grasp of the organization’s history, background, mission, and many other aspects of the organization. Moreover, one will grasp an understanding of the competitive strategies of the organization along with information on how the SGA internally and externally benefits the students of Grambling State University as a student body.
Also, we will positively critique the organization as a whole and embody them with essential tools that can be used to further the success of the organization. We will do this by giving goals and proposed operation systems of the new and old structure of the organization.

Organization Company& Background
Grambling State University’s student government was established around the early 1900s. Many student governments are structured similarly to the United States Government, consisting of distinct executive, legislative, and judicial branches.
Within their capacity as representatives of the student body, student governments may fulfill a range of responsibilities:
Representing the interests and concerns of the student body and serving on college-wide committees made up of students, faculty, administrators, and staff members.
Disbursing mandatory fees for student activities to clubs, organizations, and campus offices.