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After the Christmas holidays we’ve been given a new project called utopia, we had to make a new country and set everything for the country such as setting all the rules, decide what kind of the government do we want and etc.
First we’ve been putting into groups of four so we had to this in our groups so each one of us had to take a part and work on it.
The most important thing about this project is to know what does utopia means.
That means that we had to make our own perfect countries but all people have different ideas of perfect and that made it really interesting so each group had completely different

People have different views of utopia for example my utopia is different to some else’s utopia
In the first lesson back from the Christmas we have been given a new topic the topic was utopia so basically we had to make our own perfect country miss Watson told us that she is going to put us in a group of three or four people to make easier for us in the first she put us in a groups of four my group was Tefo, Jonathan and Tamayuki so we decided to dived a section between us to make easier for everyone I had to do the food production and national symbol but after two lesson been in this group me and tefo we found out that we have a completely different ideas from those two so we talked to miss Watson and she told us that she is going to change our groups so I went to another group and started to work with them my new group was haley, CJ and Lily may so I was happy because I knew that our ideas are closer to each other so we divided each section again and my part was draw a map, complete the food production part and do the army with CJ’s help but before that we had to decide the rules for our country in that section I could see the every person has different views of utopia for example when we were deciding the rules for Wadia we had different ideas I think that religion and culture makes people to have different ideas.
We decided the rules

My research question is…..

The research question that Miss Watson gave us was…
A medical emergency of a non-curable viral diseases, The survival rate is 40% no known cure is available.
We’ve done too many researches and
The diseases are coming from the mineral waters that we are importing.
So we stopped importing them to see and check the conclusion after sometimes without importing those mineral waters the conclusion was good and the dyed rate went down and we also having a contract between Gaya and wadia and the contract is that we will help them in any war and we promised to protect their lands in the war with France and instead they will help us with our disease and send us help and medicine to help our people to be alive in other way we are trying to make more hospitals to take care more of our people, we also tried to pick up the people with the high percentages of disease and hold them in one island so we can protect other people from those disease the thing is that we are having some researches and doing some labs to find out is that disease going to spared from person to person or no.
Wadian health system found a way to protect people from this especial disease
The researches and the labs that we’ve done were saying that the reason of this disease are the groups of bacterias which will grow in still waters and will destroy peoples body which is really dangerous but we found a way to kill this bacterias.

Is it possible to have utopia in the future?
The first thing that I am going to explain is the utopia is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.
My research question was a really simple but I have good answers with a strong reason for them

With the researches that I have done I found out that humans would not be able to have a utopia
One of the biggest reasons why we can’t have a utopia is racism.…