The Importance Of Oil On The Environment

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Oil is found in abundance underground. It is a non-renewable resource. Oil is the foundation of our technology. In our world today, oil is found in great numbers in the middle-est along with the Caspian Sea.

Human use oil for everything ranging from refining to lubricants for our items composed of metal. In order to retrieve oil, we have to drill and drill. Drilling for oil has many different stages ranging from pouring water over the ground to soften it to using diamond drill bits.

The extraction does nothing good for the environment. It damages the environment on such a big scale that we've seen dry holes that just keep going down like an abyss, we've also seen plenty of dead animal due to the harming effects of drilling, we've even have to build an artifical environment for the animals after we're done drilling. Some might say that the extraction of the resource has already reached it's peak and will just keep on going at a faster pace until there is absolutely no more of it. Human consupmtion of the resource doesn't necessarily impact the environment. However, it is an important ingredient to make an object work that will pollute.

It is at the best of my belief that the continued high usage of te resource will result in shortages, eventually a complete extinctio of the resource. Shortages could easily lead to plenty of bloody, violent wars. Some potentional solutions are: chocolate fuel, feces, sawdust, wood chips, nuts, excreted gas from cattle, human body fat,