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Oil productions offshore have been arousing concern for the safety operation and their impacts on the seafood and sea animals. The hazard may be enormous once if an oil spill takes place, but we do not advocate entire ban on offshore production. Instead, we prefer safer operation with severer governmental control and treatment.

1.1Example of BP company modification:
On April 20th, 2012, a disastrous deep-water horizon accident took place in the Gulf of Mexico. After the accident, BP responded quickly to take up all responsibilities for the clean-up work, compensation of the people affected and the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation work, etc. An investigation into the accident has shown a subsequent failure of a well integrity, hydrostatic control of the well and BOP emergency functions (BP, 1996-2012). After the accident, "more than 47,000 federal, state and local responders have worked on the unprecedented cleanup efforts" (Restore the Gulf. Gov., 2011) The government and the BP company joined together to from a trustee council to do Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) which specified the impacts and the restoring methods in detail and conducted long-term restoration projects in the Gulf of Mexico (Restore the Gulf. Gov.2011). They monitored closely on the contaminated seafood and took measures on the close and re-open of harvest waters in the Gulf Coast areas. After one year's effort, "90% of the affected shoreline has been cleaned (Restore the Gulf. Gov., 2011)." Besides, BP has committed to support a 10-year-research on the Gulf ecosystem.
1.2Suggested Modification
Seen from this accident and the treatment to it, we can see that technology is supposed to lead the way and enough in-depth research on the effects of oil production on seafood and sea animals should be conducted. Governmental intervention on oil production plays an essential part as well. To deal with offshore oil production, technology must at first be improved, and the workers operating in oil industry must play on a safe sound. Safety training standards are reported to be improving on and on (offshore technology. com, 2010).

Recommendations to Australia government:
Apart from safe operation and technological improvement on the equipment of oil production and emergency treatment, government can lead the way by making laws and doing research on marine environment. In Australia, the state has set up much legislation about marine environment protection. "Government regulatory controls require the petroleum industry to conduct its activities in ways that meet the highest standard of environmental protection (Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association Ltd.)." According to the website article of Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association Ltd., more than 40 research projected concerning Australian marine environment has been conducted by Australia's oil and gas industry, which is good news for the safe operation of offshore production and protection of seafood.

Australia is a country surrounded by water at its four sides. Oil production offshore is necessary for the energy supply. Therefore, legislation needs to be improved constantly and research on the impacts of oil production on seafood should be conducted and be acted in concert with oil production. Recommended the government develop legislation to protect marine life. Develop detailed punitive measures. And the law requires oil companies updated equipment.
Punishment on pollution:The government should be out of the company, which is emissions pollution, in violation of the laws and regulations of the company. Impose severe punishment. For example, Louisiana weeks in the year of 1998-1999, the government did not levy the sewage penalties of $ 411,180. In 1999 and 2000, they found 28 factories has major sewage exceeded the standard. If the government is not checked and stopped, more waters contaminated. (The Baltimore 2001).