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Throughout American history, there have been many criminal cases which have taken the media and country by storm. Many of them are in fact murder cases; Black Dahlia, Boston Strangler, but one of the most infamous cases is none other than the O.J. Simpson murder trial. At the time, O.J. Simpson was a notorious 46 year old former NFL star, accused of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend Ronald Goldman. The state’s prosecutor brought vast amounts of forensic evidence, such as “hair samples that were found on Goldman's body after his murder” (Simpson 112), which could be linked to no one else but O.J. Simpson. However, like every celebrity criminal suspect that is charged with murder, O.J. Simpson had his all-star team of defense attorneys to dishonour the facts. Thus, was able to pressure the prosecution into mistakes which lead to the jury finding O.J. Simpson not guilty; mistakes which cost the prosecution one of the grandest verdicts of all time… Truth is, the exact events of the night of June 12 in 1994 were unknown and the prosecution concluded that “sometime after ten o’clock, a lone male entered the back door of Nicole Brown- Simpson’s home in the prestigious area of Brentwood in Los Angeles. In the enclosed area near the back gate, that lone man viciously slashed Nicole, nearly severing her neck completely. After Nicole, he struggled with and brutally stabbed Nicole’s acquaintance, Ronald Goldman…After which Nicole’s dog was covered in blood and barking, attracted the attention of a neighbor. The neighbor then discovered the two bodies.” (Bill 300) All that was left for the prosecution to do was to prove that O.J. Simpson had committed the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. At a first glance, this looked to be an easy case with hard evidence; how could O.J. possibly deny the blood on the glove, socks, floor, and on the gate? If this wasn’t enough to put him at the scene, investigators also found hairs and fibers on many objects; all linked to Simpson. The prosecution had put together such a clear cut case; however, it proved to be a lot more difficult than they had planned… “The prosecution team was made up of district attorneys, with enough experience to put any criminal behind bars, who handled special trials, jury trials and homicide cases.” (CNN) Marcia Clark, the lead prosecuting attorney, who “joined the District Attorney’s office in 1981 and had prosecuted nearly 60 jury trials, (20 were murder cases).” (CNN) Co- counselor, Chris Darden became a L.A. Country prosecutor in 1980, while Gil Garcetti “was a L.A designated district attorney in 1992. Darden had taken on more than 19 homicide cases before joining the prosecution team in 1981.” (CNN) Along with these big guns, the prosecution team also consisted of Hank Goldberg and William Hodgman. “Hank had prosecuted almost 30 felony trials, 8 of which being murder trials. William had prosecuted nearly 130 jury trials, including 40 homocide cases. (CNN) The state had put together quite a dream team to take on and take down O.J. Even with the perfect team of experience attorneys that the prosecution had in the case, along with impeccable evidence to be presented, the case did not go as the prosecution had planned. One of the grave mistakes that were made by the prosecution was the presentation of the case itself. Scott Turow, a lawyer who has made himself familiar with the case stated, “It’s clear to me in retrospect that the Simpson prosecutors Marcia Clark, Chris Darden, spent too long trying their case. The case, for example, against Timothy McVeigh that was tried just a little bit later was probably more complex and yet was put in by those prosecutors in six weeks” (CNN). The prosecution took six months to present the case to the jury, which resulted in the jury having two impressions of the evidence: “one, it was too overwhelming. Or two, it in fact was not, and they were laboring day by day to make it seem better than it really was.…