Oj Simpson Essay: The OJ Simpson Trial

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The OJ Simpson murder trial was long, heartbreaking, divisive, and public.
OJ and Nicole Simpson had a short, tumultuous marriage “Their marriage was plagued by reports of abuse” (Remling). O.J. met Nicole at The Daisy where Nicole was a waitress. She was 18 while O.J. was 30. O.J. was married at the time, but shortly after they had gotten a divorce. OJ Simpson and Nicole Simpson got married February 2, 1985. That same year they welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the world named Sydney. Three years later they had a son named Justin. Nicole was such a great mother and wife. Taking the children to karate classes and dance classes. She loved getting all family together and having parties at her house. All while O.J. was cheating on Nicole in their marriage. While they weren’t married he did cheat on Nicole, but when they got married Nicole thought there was going to be a difference. On top of being unfaithful, he was abusive. He was abusive verbally and physically. Friends and family
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“The O.J. Simpson trial started January 23, 1995” (O.J. Simpson Murder Case). O.J. was tried for two counts of murder. He said that he would pay 500 thousand dollars to whoever could find the person who killed his ex-wife. The first person the prosecutors called up was Allen Parks. Allen Parks was his driver that night Nicole and Ron were killed. The prosecutors questioned him. The whole trial lasted 9 months. They had valid evidence during the whole trail, but OJ’s “Dream Team” said the police were setting him up. Also, all of the Rodney King stuff was happening, making Simpson not guilty. It was a black man being accused and whites being the victim. Overall, it gave the case a real racial accent. The family was very distraught to say the least. Ron’s dad and sister later filled again, just trying to get justice for his hero of a son. Both Brown and Goldman’s family was awarded