Art And Architecture And Eucidean Conceptual Frameworks With The Sensual Experience

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Anamoric representation bring together eucidean conceptual frameworks with the sensual experience.

Garden design by understanding the building around
The deign is consistent with a perspectixal argment

anamorphic ex is phenomenal and sensory : sound , smell, touch and temperature, sensory experience rather than abstract conceptual in ther explanation, historians have reinforced the pavilion’s abstract composition by their use of axonometric projections to represent

the building will not let you simply carry out an abstract analysis of its forms
The complexity of the building becomes more evident when we examine the material used green
Art and architecture is an expression of nature
Semper (name ) chose the primitive hurt as the normative matrix of the architectural act embodying the hearth and the cloth as the first marks of settlement. They were not only

From schinket theatricality of the space in the complex interplay between interiorand landscape where relationship are graduall revealed to the moving spectator
Understanding of dioramas, and panaroma

from loos
Lack of embellishment is a sign of inlectural power. Loos said that ornamentation is a crime against the economy . because it enslaved craftsmen in useless pursuits of making maegestic materials look like something else.

Architecture that focused on iinherent nature of materials to expresss distivtion. These material

The Barcelona pavilion

Circulation as sensory experience relying on visual perception for wayfinding
The diagonal and the illusory power of material
Beginning with the classical columns and the formality

Symetrical from the reflection by classical style//the image of