The Use Of Drugs And Alcohol

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Health Essay “There are at least 14 million alcoholics in America, and 2 million of the 14 are alcoholics” I believe that teens should not be using any type of illegal drug and or alcohol. First off teens don’t have a sense of control. A teen could be given a bag of chips and finish it within minutes without realizing how much they had consumed, or they could sit in front of a TV and watch 3 hours of television with no recognition of how much time they wasted. Therefore if teens can’t control simple daily things like that, then we should definitely not be allowed to have drugs or alcohol because it could get out of hand dangerously fast. Humans are not fully grown until about the age of 37 years, so teens aren’t fully developed at all. Drugs and alcohol can affect your body physically and your overall growth. “Alcohol can decrease brain activity, and eventually shut down your brain.” This quote from the movie Truth About Drinking, shows that alcohol can do serious damage to our brains without us knowing. Also drugs like Heroin can affect other parts of your body “Heroin can cause major physical and mental damage, Heroin can break down enamel and destroy your teeth” So already you can see that for developing humans, drugs and alcohol are NOT a good choice. Lastly, the use of drugs and alcohol don’t always just affect the user; it can affect their family, friends, peers, coworkers, and so on, it takes a big toll on them as well. My mother’s best friend in college was an