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Chiyonna Kelly
Ms. Scott
English 10
May 6, 2014

Today, In the United States racism is sometimes the key of injustice. There’s a saying that “When there’s not justice, there’s no peace.” But the law should punish those who make heinous crimes against others because they feel like they have the right. In the Florida a 17 Year Old Trayvon Martin was murdered for looking suspicious. Was the suspect convicted against the charges against him? No, which he should have been. This is a example of miscarriage of justice, And In this case Racism, and the failed judicial system impacted views on justice. On February 26, Police surrounded Sanford Florida’s community. Supposedly Trayvon Martin was seen walking with a hoodie, with the hood pulled over. Zimmerman, approached Trayvon, Not knowing Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend “Why are you following me, Then Zimmerman asked “What are you doing here?” (Recording obtained exclusively from ABC News) Trayvon was staying at his father’s and went to the store to purchase candy for him and his sibling. After the call was dropped A physical fight broke out between Zimmerman and Trayvon which resulted in Trayvon being murdered.

After the incident Zimmerman was not charged forwardly because of the “Stand your ground law, (Veteran State Attorney stated to ABC News) But with protest around the world, and Florida state, protesting that alone finally got Zimmerman convicted. Trayvon’s parents were Irate because Trayvon was an unarmed teen that had